How to order from Replicawatchkarachi.pk?

Ordering from Replicawatchkarachi.pk is actually pretty easy. All you will need to do is to follow three simple steps:


1. Browse for the product you are looking for.

2. Fill the order form on the top right of each page. (An order number will be sent to you via email)

3. Our friendly customer support team will contact you for order confirmation

4. You will get the delivery of your desired product and have to pay the amount at the time of delivery


Do you have any physical outlets where I can buy your products?

Currently, Replicawatchkarachi.pk is exclusively an online store. This gives us the advantage of adding new merchandise to our inventory quickly and easily. You can sign up for our online newsletter so you will be able to receive the latest news and updates about Replicawatchkarachi.pk, including any promos and sales we are offering.


Do you allow exchanges in case the item I get is wrong or defective?

Replicawatchkarachi.pk offers exchanges in cases if the product is defective. Please visit http://www.Replicawatchkarachi.pk/terms-and-conditions for complete details


How is the quality of the products at Replicawatchkarachi.pk?

As seen from the photos, all of the products we're offering are of very good quality. We always quality check our products before placing them in our web portal. Do note, however, that there may be a slight difference between the color on-screen and the color of the actual product due to monitor quality and/or the environment lighting when the photo was taken. As such, we can only assure you that products will be at least 95% similar to the photos on screen.


Do you have a minimum order requirement?

We don't impose a minimum order requirement. You can order as many or as few as you want.


How safe is shopping at Replicawatchkarachi.pk?

Replicawatchkarachi.pk values the privacy of its customers, which is why we take all of the steps necessary to ensure that your details are kept securely and will not be available to third-party organizations. Please read our privacy policy for more information about the privacy and security settings of the website.


What do I do if my items have not arrived?

Items are sent to customers within 2 to 3 business days after they have placed their order. If you have opted for registered mail, you can keep track of the progress of your order by using the tracking ID sent to you in your confirmation email to view the status of your purchase. Please contact our customer service team if you have any concerns about product delivery.


Can I change my order?

At our customer service helpdesk you can change your order because we will be unable to change your order once the product has left our warehouse. If the product has yet to be shipped, you can make an alternate purchase and immediately inform to our call center at  0335-2345111.


Can I have my order delivered outside Pakistan?

Currently we only ship to locations within Pakistan. However, you can place your orders from anywhere in the world.


What is Cash on Delivery?

With Cash on Delivery option you can pay us in cash at the time of actual delivery of product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment on Replicawatchkarachi.pk.


How are items packaged?

All items are carefully packaged at our warehouses - as to avoid any form of damage. We ensure the package is water proof with plastic wrap and fragile (electronic) items are safely secured with bubble wrap.